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Accelerating Research, Advancing Hope

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About Us

The COVID R&D Alliance brings together the world’s most experienced and accomplished leaders in therapeutic drug research and development, and the resources of their organizations to identify, study, and accelerate the most promising candidates across a broad spectrum of therapies and vaccines.

Unconstrained by “how things have been done in the past,” companies with expedited programs already underway are finding synergies and advancing candidates faster than a single company, government, or NGO can alone.

In our race against COVID-19, time is our enemy. Every achievement—no matter how small—brings us a step closer to helping critically ill patients and protecting public health and communities.

img: Covid-19 lab technicians working in lab

The collaboration extends across the drug research and development continuum, including approved medicines, novel therapies, antibodies, and vaccines.

COVID R&D Alliance is focused on finding treatments through shared expertise, data, and evaluation of drug candidates. A win for one, is a win for all.

Leading with Research

Pragmatism, speed, and hope propel us, and our combined efforts are already yielding progress.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have analyzed more than 1,900 potential medicines from our members’ pipelines to identify the most promising approaches to advance from lab to clinic. Results from about 40 clinical trials from alliance members are expected to read out near-term.

Over time, COVID R&D Alliance efforts will expand to identify and test early-stage candidates and antivirals. We are united in our goal: identify medicines, medicine combinations, and vaccines to prevent COVID-19’s deadly symptoms or stop them in their tracks. There is no time to wait.

Biopharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies

Our members represent more than 20 leading life sciences companies, all working together to identify and accelerate promising therapeutic candidates for COVID-19 and its related symptoms.

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